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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Hey Good Lookin' what you got cookin?

Oh wait, never mind. I can smell it from here.

I have always had a ridiculous sense of smell but I feel like it goes through the roof when I run. After the last couple of months of running in the same neighborhood I now know who barbecues a lot, whose dog likes to pee on the fence near the road, who is messy when they top off their gas tank, and which cars belong to Jersey Shore wannabees.

Here's a hint, if I can taste you after you drive by for even longer than I can hear your "sweet kicking bass" it's time to back away from the axe body spray. You are going to suffocate an entire poor unsuspecting night club full of people.

Today I ran a new route and encountered the most ambrosial Indian food smell imaginable, it permeated something like a half a block radius so it had clearly been simmering for some time and my already normally ravenous post run appetite became like a small gnawing thing in my innards. Luckily my boyfriend likes to cook and can always be convinced to eat, so I "talked him into" throwing together a bit of prepackaged Trader Joe's Indian food with some chick peas for a late dinner. It wasn't the insane deliciousness that I craved, but it still quieted the belly monster.

Running past food smells usually gets me salivating (especially barbecue steak), but this was inspirationally delicious. I actually found myself fantasizing that I would get fast enough to run into the house and get away with some of that delicious food.

I'd feel terrible about abusing the talent of a cook such as that, but I'm sure it would be righteously delicious until my conscience kicked in.

As you may have noticed I have not started any manner of "October Blogging Challenge". I enjoyed some aspects of doing the September one, but at this point in the game I already have enough to talk about without forcing topics and I go to bed late enough as it is: I really didn't need the extra time sink or word count. 

I would love to figure out some sort of consistent weekly topic post though. I'm picturing something like the ubiquitous Wordless Wednesday posts so if anyone has seen anything neat in that vein or has any ideas I'm all for it. 

I will say that given the relative popularity of the Jason Statham post and my appreciation of the majesty of the male form I would not be averse to something like Running Off The Reese's  beefcaketastic Magnificent Men of Monday posts.

My run today: a 5K run plus 5 minute warmup and cooldown walks
3.10 miles at an average of 11:59 per mile -  total time of 37:07

I'm still having a lot of problems with mile two. I think it may be a mental limitation due to no longer feeling "fresh" but not yet being "almost there". I tend to find myself pushing to a faster pace than I'd like and then having to slow down. I'm not really sure how to get out of that head space though.

My ankle is stiff when I walk but was surprisingly fine when I ran. I did manage to get a good stretch before the run today and I do feel like I loosened it up quite a bit. I was aware of it but at no point was I in pain. 

I have a physical with a new doctor in a week and a half and I will mention it then if it is still bothering me. The missing referral issue I mentioned in my last post cascaded into a phone argument with my (former) Doctor's office manager so ridiculous I was literally shaking with anger when I finally hung up. 

So yeah, new doctor time. It will be nice to be able to tell them I am active though!


  1. Mile 1 is my hardest, I seem to feel like I am finally getting into a groove at the 2.5 mark but the neuromas that you hear way too much about usually kick in around there so then I just want to finish. If I can keep the feet pain at bay 6 miles seems to be my favorite distance so far. Takes me a little over an hour so it is not a horrendous amount of time out of my already very busy day and yet long enough to feel like I did something special. I think you are ready to try to go to the 4 mile mark.

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    2. Its funny because I keep telling myself that what I'm feeling is nothing remotely as bad as when I was in the last stages of C25K (so glad I managed to stop getting that "oh god, *urp* gooooonnnnna puke" feeling) which does help some, but I guess because I know it's going to last for longer it's still somehow worse. "Just four tenths of a mile left" really doesn't have the motivating power of "just five more minutes".

      I plan on pushing to longer runs as soon as my ankle stops with the BS, but I'll really need to keep my pace down... I know I shouldn't feel weird about staying slow and that eventually it will pay off, but now that I'm sticking with one distance it does mess with my pride a bit to see my time getting slower.

      On the other hand, apparently I have been running at max (calculated) HR pretty much the whole time and I'm not sure what it means to my body to to exceed that.

      I'm picturing a pinball table on tilt, so I suspect I really should stick with improving my endurance before I make myself pass out on the side of the road or something. :p

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  3. I'm so jealous. I know there's a number of Indian families in the neighborhood, but since I go jogging early in the morning they're not cooking yet.