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Monday, January 7, 2013

Oh, hey wow... uh hi!

Hey, sorry everyone! Apparently I got a little wrapped up in the holidays.

So let's see, what has happened since last we spoke...

The Garmin/Nike+ converter thing I mentioned in my last post got fixed a couple of days before Christmas so I was able to upload almost all of my data to Nike+. In the process I figured out that I was less than 10 miles away from running 150 miles for the year so I made that my goal by New Years day.

I had the week off so I decided to put 5k to 10k on a bit of a break so I could do some outdoor running without any particular limitations. My one structured run during this stretch was a 2.6 mile Virtual run for the victims of Sandy Hook which I did on 12/23. I liked Running on Candy's twist and so I did 2.7 miles with the extra 0.1 honoring the memory of Nancy Lanza.

I slacked for pretty much the entirety of the rest of the week though to be fair there was a LOT going on and it didn't feel like much of a vacation. On the 29th I did an easy 5k run and tried out a screaming pink Underarmor shirt I got for Christmas. The weather has finally settled into the freezing range here and it was actually drizzling on me the whole time so I have been VERY thankful for the various pieces of cold weather gear I got from my boyfriend.

The pink Underarmor shirt went quite nicely with the cotton candy pink hair dye job I had gotten the day before. *grin*

The 30th was my birthday so I figured it was pretty reasonable to take a rest day.

That left the 31st to finish out my 150 miles for the year. I only needed 2.6 miles and had attended a pretty kickass party for a friend's birthday the night before so I didn't expect to exceed that by much or push it too hard speed-wise. Famous last words. Instead I found myself hovering around 10:00 for most of the run and finished out the year with new 5k and mile PRs!

Bringing in 150 miles for the year with a PR (and a snazzy new cold weather running jacket)

I took another few days off after that and then resumed the 5k to 10k plan back in the gym on Thursday. I also finally picked up the Zombies, Run! app as it is apparently half off again, though I haven't tried it out yet. I ran in the gym again on Friday and did another long run outdoors today beating my previous distance record.

Running in 2013

I don't have an specific "Resolutions" for this year, but I have come up with a few goals with regards to my running.

While I'm not planning to specifically run a mile a day, I'd like to run a mile FOR each day so that I hit 365 miles for the year. Seven miles per week is well within my current abilities so I don't see this being a problem by any means. I'm probably lowballing with 365 but it's a nice solid number and there's nothing saying I can't run more (aiming for double digits per week would be pretty cool I think).

Another goal is to run a sub 30 5k though really I'd love to see how close I can get to 28 by the end of the year. I wouldn't call that a goal so much as a mirage-like twinkle in the distance.

Once I finish 5k to 10k I plan to start half marathon training with a goal of not dying or hurting myself too badly at the Diva Half Marathon this coming October.

Clearly races are not a big thing for me (more to the point getting up early on the weekends is not a big thing for me) but I would like to hit a few more this year. The only one I'm specifically psyched on right now is the Color Run but I'm sure I'll find more as the year goes on.

The big list of runs I haven't told you about

12-11-12 5k to 10k wk3 d1
1.74 miles with an average pace of 11:30
20 minute "steady" run

12-20-12 5k to 10k wk3 d2
2.22 miles with an average pace of 11:16
10 minute steady run +5 minute tempo run +10 minute jog

12-21-12 5k to 10k wk3 d3
3.52 miles with an average pace of 11:21
40 min steady run

12-23-12 2.7m Virtual Run for Victims of Sandy Hook
2.7miles in 29:22 with an average pace of 10:50

12-29-12 Outdoor 5k run
3.1 miles in 33:40 with an average pace of 10:51

12-31-12 Outdoor 5k run PR!
3.1 miles in 32:07 with an average pace of 10:21

1-3-13 5k to 10k wk4 d1
1.79 miles in 20 min with an average pace of 11:10
20 minute "steady" run 

1-4-13 5k to 10k wk4 d2
2.5 miles in 30 min with an average pace of 12:00
10 minute jog + alternating 2 minutes each of fast running and jogging (three times) + 8 minute steady run

1-6-13 5k to 10k wk4 d3 distance PR!
4.16 miles in 45 minutes with an average pace of 10:48

As a holiday bonus for those of you who slogged through to the end, here's a pic of me getting ready for the 12-29 run looking like a chewing-gum-themed superhero with my ultra sexy cotton candy pink morning hair!


  1. Love the hair! I'd totally sport a purple do, if I thought I could get away with it at the age of 38!

    1. My question to you: what exactly is stopping you?
      Is you your hair not purple because of something like your workplace rules or because of fear? Why exactly couldn't you get away with it?

      First: I'm closer to 38 than you might think :) and some of the most colourful people (inside and out) that I know have you equaled or beat in age.

      Second: yes people will treat you differently with an unnatural hair colour, but there are ways to do it and still be a grownup. I have pretty much spanned the rainbow at this point and every time I get back to my natural colour I decide I can't dye it again for some reason and sit on it for about a year and look back at old pictures wistfully.

      Eventually I realize that the only thing keeping me from doing it again is ME (well, and sometimes the cash to get my hair bleached professionally, but that's another story) and off I go to the hair dye collection again.

    2. I'm turning 37 this year. The hair framing my face is a brilliant purple and I get compliments on it all the time everywhere I go. As long as it's allowed by your workplace then go for it!

    3. I will be 40 this year and my hair has been each color of the rainbow and as of now it is EVERY color of the rainbow :) I have always gotten awesome compliments on my hair...everyone seems to love it.

      You can find pictures on my facebook page Running on Candy -

      And maybe on my blog....

    4. Ahhh I would love to. I work for a state agency (in I.T.) and even though I don't usually deal with the general public we still have to look "presentatble" in case a board member decides to drop a laptop off the roof of their car (yes, that has happened!) But maybe I can do something not as visual - maybe some soft lavendar highlights or something that is not quite as noticable!

    5. Yeah Jawa and I work at the same place and there are NO rules like that for sure LOL

    6. Maybe a layer of a dark colour underneath? That's a great way to add colour in a more work friendly way and can look AMAZING in a french twist or braid.

      Bonus: if you pick the right dye you can start out a really dark but generally appropriate seeming colour which fades to something a bit more eye catching over time.

  2. Yea, maybe I will do something like that. When I drop some more weight or when I actually finish a 5K! We shall see! :)