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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

...and how does that make you feel?

Anyone out there use (or try) a mood tracking app or program of some sort?

What do you think of the practice?

The theory is that memory encoding tends to operate on a negative cognitive bias, basically we are way better at remembering singular bad events than good overall feelings. That time you kicked the coffee table really hard in front of a hot date sticks around way longer than that awesome steamy bath you took four months ago.

It is likely that the baseline reality of the average person's life is a lot happier then they would necessarily report, so mood tracking attempts to provide a more accurate look at a person's general experience than their own memories
(sort of like a super fussy gratitude journal)

Fun fact - Mood rings suck when your baseline body temp is two degrees lower than average
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I've been vaguely thinking about doing this sort of thing for a while, so my interest was definitely piqued when I read this article on the Expereal app from Greatest.

Of course if your life genuinely sucks you may want to pass, though by the same token this could be a great way to identify any hidden patterns in what may be stressing you.

On a related note: I've also considered the Thryve app (also found via Greatest) which has more of a focus on how food may be affecting our well being. I've had a history with some weird recurring stress triggered food allergies and an app like this could have saved me months of discomfort.

What say you?


  1. This Long Island weather is putting me in a real funk!!

    1. I live in a basement apartment and my office has no windows. It could be raining entire heads of garlic and I wouldn't know if it wasn't for my commute.

      Though somehow I don't feel I have the advantage there. :p

      I'm pretty ok with this odd pseudo-Spring thing we have going on though.