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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Nothing in and nothing out equals equilibrium... right?

That's how it should work anyway, right? Homeostasis I say!

Anyone who hangs out with me for any period of time figures out pretty quickly that I don't like to pee.  It's not a OCD thing, or medical, or anything like that; I just don't like to interrupt what I'm doing for any kind of *ahm* administrative intake or output. I don't like taking time out for meals either. *shrugs*

For the most part this is not a problem since I am a big fan of finger foods and am not a beverage chugger. I eat at my desk, I make one cup of coffee last an insanely long time (seriously, all day) and I hit the WC when utterly necessary... it's all good. Occasionally a coworker pokes fun at me for still not getting up when I've just said I had to go for the third time, but that's the price one pays for uninterrupted work.

Well, until I started running in record high year for NY heat and humidity, that is.

I know, I know... it could be a sunny 115 in Texas, or India or somewhere similarly tarantula strewn, but it is often like living in a bowl of invisible pea soup here  (or clam chowder if it's low tide!) and that's still no fun, and more importantly it messes with my whole homeostasis thing because I am forced to sweat. *shakes fist*

I'm trying to be better about water (yuck) so I set up my own version of these bottles I found on Pinterest because... well okay, maybe I am a little OCD-ish sometimes.

I figured if I have a bottle staring at me with time goals on it that I may be missing RIGHT THERE IN FRONT OF ME I am more likely to drink it. Except I only have one bottle, and it's smaller, so I have three sets of times, and they are all smeary because I tried to protect the marker with nail polish and it smeared and...

*ahm* Nope, no untoward obsessiveness here... moving onward...

So much to absolutely no one's surprise the mind game worked and I am now drinking (almost) all the water I am supposed to on any given day. Interesting side effect: I am now drinking WAY less coffee and I have pretty much zero interest in sugary beverages. I do however still drink water like it's medicine though, chugged 8 oz at a time.

I know it's better for me in the long run (and my skin is way happier) but the peeing, she still vexes me.

Did you have to change any odd habits when you started running/exercising?


My run today: C25K week 5 day 1
2.30 miles at 13:06 per mile

Finally moving into new territory again, this week should be a doozy since there's a different set of walk/run intervals each day (and NO walking for 20 minutes other than warmup/cooldown on day three!! ack!)

Hamstring and calves were a bit tight but my left hamstring seems to be relaxing a bit.
It was hard to keep pace down to a reasonable enough level to know I would have something left to speed up at the end but I had enough to *run* my last minute and a half and I'm still doing negative splits so I guess I succeeded.

My knees seem to still be good with no braces! This is such an incredible relief!

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