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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Wobbly day

So on the one side there's this:

Notice the distinct lack of any send in order form part on the bottom there? That's because it's in an envelope with a check and and all that.

I know, whoop-de-do, a 5K, but it's my first 5K... so that's pretty cool!

Extra bonuses:
  • it's a Halloween themed race (make anything Halloween themed and there's approximately five billion percent higher chance that I'm in)
  • I have at least one friend who plans to be there. She is the consummate cheerleader and the main reason I'm even running at all now, much less training for a 5K
  • it's in the 'hood where I grew up so good chance my Mom will be there
  • the John Theissen Children's Foundation is a great charity with a big local presence in my hometown (seriously, go read how the charity started, it is the warm fuzzies)

On the other side I have some friends going through some devastating times right now and my heart was just not with me running today. I'm glad I ran for some reasons, but I really could have used that time better in light of the circumstances so I'm somewhat mad at myself for running too and I unquestionably carried that with me.

I had no focus to begin with, and to top it all off I had to take an extremely important call about 20 minutes into my run so any rhythm or flow I managed to build up went pretty much kaput at that point.

I did manage to pause my apps (eventually) and continued walking while on the phone, but obviously not an ideal day for either running or the measurement thereof.

Ever feel like you had to justify your run on a particular day (even if it's just to yourself)?
How do you deal with that?

My run today: C25K week 6 day2
2.65 miles at 12:25 per mile
(Nike+ says 2.3m at 13:59)

I did actually go at least two and a half miles but I'm not sure which time to believe more. In addition there was a good four minute walk in the middle of the second mile that totally wasn't supposed to be there. I'm going to continue on to day three on Friday and see how that goes.

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