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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Running after myself

Running in the rain last night I felt a little like I was crazy, but a lot like I was myself. There was a time, so very long ago it seems, when I did things because I had decided that they were going to get done, and that was that.

Couch To 5K week 4 day 2, the second time around after a month and a half long moving (and post move death plague) hiatus. It was dusk, it was drizzling heavily, and it was sticky enough that pausing outside for any time under shelter meant certain mosquito bites. I took it easy enough that while I could feel my muscles I never worried about being winded, and it felt like the last running interval was over in a flash.

Plodding along at a snail's pace through the puddles and around weighted branches, praying a ziplock would keep my phone dry enough, and tasting the hair product from the afternoon's haircut running into my mouth.. this all had such a wonderful long lost certainty to it.

Sure I was wet, and it was annoying, and I was more than a little worried about vehicular manslaughter and/or iPhone failure (hey, priorities, right?) but from the moment I got up yesterday  knew what I was going to do with my evening, and I had no question about whether I would or could do it. This is what my brain was like once, and I lost it all in the sad brain years of my mid to late 20s.

Have I finally found my drive again?

And just to keep things honest:
Couch to 5k week 4 day 2
2.09 miles at 15:06 per mile (vs 2.33 miles at 13:30 per mile on June 23rd) 

Can I blame it on the rain? Is anyone else now doing a little early 90s dance?

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