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Friday, September 21, 2012

It is by caffeine alone I set my mind in motion...

September Blog Challenge Day 21 - Are you a coffee drinker?

Just reading the question makes me want coffee.

I like my coffee like I like my men... roasted and ground fresh daily in small batches???

It's funny; though I think of myself as a heavy coffee drinker - I only drink one small cup a day. I just can't tolerate the caffeine anymore. Apparently there's only so much caffeine buzz one body can take in one lifetime and I pretty much blew my limit before twenty five. I am no longer able to handle the epic coffee drinking I did in high school and college when I drank POTS of coffee every day (if it was too hot for coffee I opted for Mountain Dew).
Coffee Buzz by Terry Border

There was a point in time around my mid 20s that I sort of accidentally quit caffeine; I was depressed and unemployed and I wasn't TRYING to quit caffeine, but, well...

Admittedly not terribly funny when it's ACTUALLY your life
Between minimal caffeine intake for a few months and some heavy anxiety problems I became extremely sensitive to it and unless I had a way to burn it off quickly I could pretty much guarantee a panic attack from anything over 6 oz of coffee. Once I got a job again I could not bear the idea of a working life without coffee. I've weaned myself back on to it slowly over several years, but I still have to be extremely careful not to overdo it.

I was actually up to two cups a day for a while but often didn't finish the second and certainly didn't need the caffeine, so I've recently cut back down to one.

Oh, small note: happy over 500 page views! Woohoo!

What active/fitness related things did I do today?

Nothing yet, but the plan for this evening is to bring the Boyfriend and the Former Housemate to Super Runner's Shop in Huntington to get their gaits looked at and to start looking into a bad weather/trail shoe for me. Then onward to dinner at a Mexican place, maybe some Fro-Yo, and probably ending the night with some live music.

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  1. This made me want another cup and I just finished my espresso! I love the caffeine picture. I find that a good strong cup of coffee 30 minutes before I work out really turbocharges my sessions. I can go longer and lift more weight. Only problem is that I have a hard time sleeping after.