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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Well howdy there neighbor!

Today I actually exchanged pleasantries with other people while I was running... without even the intermediary of a scary loose dog!

In New York City the default setting is to benignly ignore the people around you. Many people who visit see that as cold or rude, but when you're stacked in a subway car or on a street corner in actual physical contact like sardines, allowing people a sense of autonomous existence (however illusory) is the only way to maintain any sense of privacy and dignity.

Sometimes the sardine-like feeling extends to multiple senses

This attitude tends to bleed over into the suburbs too since Long Island is rather insanely populous all by itself, and a great number of us commute to the five boroughs daily. I've seen a few runners out at the same time as me and I'm even starting to notice a few regulars; it's summer so people are poking at their lawns, detailing cars, playing basketball, walking with strollers, etc, but what they are generally not doing is acknowledging my existence. I am not insulted by this, but a bit of camaraderie can be nice on occasion.

I will generally look at someone at least obliquely, and I try to maintain a neutral expression (huffing and puffing aside) with a ready nod and/or smile for anyone who actually makes eye contact... but until today no one* has bothered, they don't even look up.

Today however..  smiles and even words from two joggers and a dad playing ball with his kids! Admittedly it's an especially fragile day for New Yorkers and I have to wonder if it had anything to do with that. I think we're all just that much more aware of our connections with each other.

Or perhaps it was a vibe that I was putting off, we'll see if this extends to future runs. Either way it was a startling, if pleasant enough change from the norm.

*With one sweeping exception: dog owners. 
Though I'm not sure if that's because they are generally happier people, or just watching me really carefully because I'm putting off a heavy "OMG gonna steal the puppy!!!" vibe.
Someone in the neighborhood even has a Briard! They're like three steps from the Jim Henson creatures!

September Blog Challenge Day 11
Describe your dream fitness vacation

Water. Sun and waves, and maybe a rainforest to hike in for a day or two.

I don't know that most people would call it a "fitness vacation" but I want to be so exhausted by playing in the surf for hours on end that I pass out face down for a nap on my hotel bed every evening, only barely waking up in time to go out dancing all night.

I haven't done a run on the beach since high school, but I'm willing to give it a shot!

My run today: C25K week 8 day 1
2.85 miles at 13:20 per mile

I felt very stiff and uncoordinated heading out so I took it easy rather than hurting myself. I focused on breathing and pacing again and never felt beat. I was actually surprised to hear the cool down signal, rather than repeatedly eying my clock after incrementally shorter delays for the last eight minutes.

Despite the longer running period (twenty eight minutes!!!) it seemed to go by really fast, but due to an apparent tracking delay at the start at least the Nike+ app shorted my run a bit. It was the same exact route as Saturday but it was listed as shorter than 5K which is faintly annoying.

I'm also wondering if there was perhaps a burp in the other direction on my last run, as that was kind of a strange jump in speed and distance.

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  1. I always at least wave to anyone I pass. 9 times out of ten I get a reply, early mornings seem to be the most friendly but I think that is because it is mostly old people out for their walks and the afternoon are people like me trying to fit a run in during a day of 847 million other things to do.