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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

September Blog Challenge Day 12 - The Scale

How often do you weigh yourself?

I tend to weigh myself in bursts.  Every day for three days, nothing for a month, weekly for a season. I've been seeing a lot of articles in passing lately indicating that weighing yourself more frequently may actually help with weight loss, which I kind of get. I find I do better with eating well if I'm eating for my day rather than eating for my week. I eat in a more balanced fashion rather than trying to bank calories for an expected splurge by practically starving myself.

Ultimately I judge my "success" by how my clothes fit and what my musculature is doing, rather than the number on the scale. I fit into clothes WAY better now at 125 lbs (124.6 as of last night actually, but who's counting?) than I did a year and a half ago at 115.

Yes, I know that's technically not a lot of weight. People tend to give me dirty looks when I give numbers, but I am five foot two with a very small frame and diminutive curves. That's shorter than the average 7th grade girl for pete's sake! Kind of like a small terrier... I simply don't have anywhere to put extra weight.

It's never been as bad as all that, but you get the point.

What active/fitness related things did I do today?

I signed up for my first virtual 5k!
WHAT: A virtual race is running a specified distance, timing yourself, without actually being present in a race location. A 5k equals 3.1 miles.
WHEN: October 14 - 21, 2012
WHERE: Pick your favorite local route or jump on the treadmill.
WHY: Fun, Fitness, Friendship... and PRIZES!
HOW: Register HERE with your email address (virtual race only!).  Official race bib and detailed information will be sent to that email address. Report back your completed run time before Oct. 23 and you'll be entered into the random prize drawing from the fabulous sponsors listed below. Earn a bonus entry into the prize drawing if you email me a photo from your Cupcake run!

For the sake of full disclosure... I don't actually like cupcakes (I know, weird hunh?) and so by the authority vested in me by the intarwebs you are fully empowered to eat a cupcake in my stead!

Why? Because it's my blog and I said so.
Maybe I can find some sort of gummy cupcake or perhaps... anyone got a recipe for savory Dorito flavored cupcakes?

Okay, now I'm ACTUALLY drooling.

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  1. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE cupcakes. (Good luck with the run.) And I HATE, HATE, HATE my scale. It is banished.