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Sunday, September 9, 2012

September Blog Challenge Day 9 - Workout Partners

Do you workout with others or by yourself? Why?

Unless I'm taking a class I prefer to work out solo.

On the most superficial level my current workout routine is the Couch To 5K training schedule and working out solo means I can repeat or reschedule specific workouts as necessary. If I was training with a partner or group I would lose that flexibility.

On a more personal level I tend to get anxious in groups and training on my own allows me to focus on what I'm doing, rather than worrying about keeping up. I'm simply more likely to address issues that I'm having when it's just me, if I were in a group I would feel less comfortable speaking up if things weren't going quite right.

I'm not against the idea of finding a running or workout group/class some time in the future and I would LOVE to get back to regular dance classes, but for the time being I'm traveling light.

I do however have a pair of excellent stretching coaches.

What active things did I do today?

Nothing so far. Plans for later include walking around Port Jefferson and getting my cheese on at C'est Cheese, so I will be supplementing my calcium and exercising my wine glass lifting muscles.

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