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Saturday, September 22, 2012

September Blog Challenge Day 22 - For that three hour fitness tour

What would you put in your fitness survival kit?

Water - because, duh, water.

Sneakers - running is the thing I'm most excited about doing at the moment

Music - a means of portable music has been my most reliable source of sanity for my entire life.

Yoga mat - it's the easiest way for me to stretch out and it's probably the thing that has been most balancing for my body. I always go back to yoga.

Coconuts - I dunno, they seem pretty handy on Gilligan's Island.

If you were stuck on an island how would you equip the coconut gym?

 What active/fitness related things did I do today?

Sad to say not a damn thing. I woke up very tight overall with an especially tight muscle wrapping from my lower back over and around my hip and had a lot of plans for the day, so I opted to do the last C25K run on Sunday.

Instead I saw some good friends, ate an egregious amount of blue cheese in the company of other good friends, and watched a horror movie.

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