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Saturday, September 1, 2012

September Blog Challenge Day 1 - My routine

Woohoo! I found a blog challenge for September! Yes, just now.

Fitness Cheerleader is running a month long blogging challenge so I will be doing that in addition to the usual (hah, as if 10 posts constitutes a "usual", but you know what I mean). I've never done this before so feel free to tell me if this sucks or something (you can also feel free to tell me if you like it, that would be cool too I suppose).

Day 1 
Describe your pre and post workout routine

This actually starts as soon as I finish my morning coffee (which is admittedly sometimes as late as noon) As soon as I put away the coffee cup I start slamming water like it was going out of style. If I don't get properly hydrated for a workout I get eye stabbing headaches, and that's a pretty darn good motivator. I have a marked water bottle to pace me out so that I am getting the requisite eight glasses of water per day. I chug water, a cup at a time like medicine, pretty much until I feel like I'm going to float away.

On days when I know I'm going to run I make sure to eat something really solid and nourishing about 1.5 to 2 hours prior. My go-to is a toasted English Muffin with Smuckers Natural chunky peanut butter (I may actually be a peanut butter based life form at this point), any later and I get cramps while running. I run on weekdays so this is usually right at the end of my work day.

Once I get home I chill with my cats for a bit while getting on my workout gear and start stretching out the hinky parts. I had huge problems with shin splints in the beginning so I make a point of stretching out my calves, hamstrings, shins, and ankles really well as it made a massive difference for me. I usually start by alternating between a simple but active kneeling position with my toes pointed to stretch my shins and the Downward Facing Dog yoga pose. Once I get my shoes on I do some of the classic standing "holding up the wall" runners stretches and some heel stretches off of my stoop.

At this point I start up my music and my apps ('s Couch to 5K and Nike+), do a five minute brisque warmup walk and whatever C25K has to throw at me that day. Once I'm done withe the running portions I do a 5 minute walking cool-down which I try to pace to get me back to my front door.

I do a standing hamstring stretch using some handy stairs and repeat the "holding up the wall" stretches. I go inside, sit down with my legs straight in front of me to rest a minute while gently stretching my calves, upload my run results to ActiveTrainer and Nike+ (and consequently Facebook), let my cats rub up against me and plaster me with cat hair (they're so helpful), and pull off my shoes. I try to remember to do the series of cool down stretches recommended in The Complete Idiots Guide to Running (3rd ed) though I have been kind of lazy as of late.

Once I get bored of stretching I grab a post run nosh and drink, hit the shower, and rinse the sweat off of me and the clothes I wore to run in as best I can. Then I devour something with gusto!

Does this differ substantially from your routine?
Got any tips?

This post ended up a tad long but it was kind of interesting to me to think of how much preparation I put into a half hour of activity.

I think I will be making a point of keeping run-day posts on topic with whatever I'm writing about that day with the challenge posts as an add on, and making the challenge posts the focus of my non-run days. Though I'm sure this will vary with time, experience, topic, and feedback.

What active things did I do today?
I helped a friend move to a new apartment aaaaaalllll day long. I am exhausted and have a few blisters on my feet. Hoping that I'll be good again to run by Monday.

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