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Friday, September 14, 2012

Measuring up

My car GPS and running are in cahoots to control my thoughts. I now measure all short distances against my runs.

Disembodied British lady: In 2.2 miles turn left on to Road Road McStreet Lane
Me: I totally run that far, multiple times a week even!

Disembodied British lady: In .5 miles take exit, on right, on to EatingAwayYourFreeTime Memorial Parkway
Me: Is that really how far half a mile is? Daaaaamn. That looks long for not very far at all.

Disembodied British lady: In 12.6 miles bear left on to NotLikeYou'reGoingAnywhereGood Highway
Me: Ugh, I do NOT want to run that far. Then again that's not even a half marathon. Well neither is my 20 minute by car commute to work.
Holy crap a marathon is longer than my daily work commute. 
(by 0.2 miles, I just checked)

That being said: I had a weird realization today... 3.1 miles is way bigger than I think it is.

Per yesterday's post I started mucking about in Google maps to retool my route. My aim was to make a single 3.6 mile loop from door to door avoiding some of the busier intersections in my neighborhood. The picture below is the result (sans identifying info, because the internet).

See the green blob labeled "tiny park"? I keep meaning to check it out as a place to run and getting sidetracked by things; until today anyway, when I actually looked at it in comparison to the distance I fully expect to be doing by Tuesday. There are *ten* regulation Little League ball fields (among other things) in that park! I know I've been training up for this and everything, but C25K has actually been pretty well paced and the distance increase was so natural I guess it just didn't really dawn on me how far I was going.

I suspect the marathon people want to pinch my cheek a bit about now and I'm not going to risk hurting myself by fighting these fit, determined, mildly unhinged people who could probably tell me exactly what pace they would use to run me down without breaking target heart rate.

However I am still firmly entrenched in the super jazzed and mildly incredulous category, right where I should be I think.

September Blog Challenge Day 14 - Share your fitness bucket list

 I am the Lolrus

Oh man, I don't know! There are so many things I would like to do but nothing really concrete right now. I think I am still stuck in the "get back into" statements level.

I don't have a bucket list for running because I haven't really decided where if anywhere I'm going with it yet. I kind of like the idea of a marathon someday, but then I read about the reality of it and *shudder*. I think at this point my main thing pushing me toward even anything with the word marathon in it is that my Aunt did several halves POST leukemia treatment (I think she may have actually done a full too) and I'm very in awe of her strength.

I am pretty realistic about my relative athletic abilities (and living in  a major metropolitan area), so I don't think placing in a bunch of things is a reasonable goal, but I would like to make a decent go of it. Whatever that means.

Yoga makes my body happy and I need to get back to doing it.
I want to be crazy flexible yogini woman. I've always wanted to be a contortionist so that level of yoga is I suppose my bucket list item.

Anyone who doesn't consider dance a fitness activity has never been to a real dance class... or actually gone out dancing for the night. If you're not treating blisters and peeling your clothes off to crawl into the shower (if you can even move that much) something has gone horribly awry.

I want to learn African dance, Tango, Flamenco and more Middle Eastern dance and I'd like to get to the point that I'm willing to do them in public.

Other stuff
I'd love to get back into kettle bells and get me some sexy kettlebell shoulders and a sexy kettlebell back.

It's hard working out in my apartment though (especially with pendulous weights). Besides the clutter and perpetual half unpacked state my cats are very demanding of attention and one of them has been sick lately, so it's hard to get up and get moving in a way that doesn't involve endlessly petting or playing with one or the other of them (also not conducive to the half unpacked state).
Not so good for working out but great for blogging.

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