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Monday, September 10, 2012

September Blog Challenge Day 10 - Blogs!

List your 5 favourite healthy living / fitness blogs

Shut Up + Run
This was the blog that got me into fitness blogs. Funny, candid, no nonsense. Seems to be mainly distance running, trails, and a bit on triathlons

I get the impression that, like me, her inner monologue is not so much a peppy cheerleader or an angry drill sergeant, but a woman who means business, with a long flat look and an even, no-nonsense voice saying "Hey. Knock it off".

This blog is also how I learned about the connection between running and "the runs". I really feel that I owe SUAR a debt of gratitude for that. Not a problem for me personally as of this point, but I think the strong possibility of self-soiling is is a vital piece of training information, and I feel somehow sabotaged by its exclusion from The Complete Idiots Guide to Running (3rd ed), which was my first introduction to in-depth running info.

The Boring Runner
Another early find in the fitness blogaverse whose voice I just liked. Mainly distance running

I don't know that I pick up all that much that is directly applicable training-wise from many of these blogs (it's a little like a HS garage band looking to the memoirs of someone in a philharmonic for guidance) but the vocabulary is starting to sink in a bit and it's good to see the directions that some people take their fitness.

Pensive Pumpkin
Runner, trail fiend, goth, Halloween obsessed, on a fitness journey, remarkably candid, what's not to love?

I find comfort in her fragility, it seems like she and I have had a number of parallel struggles and to see someone else out there at least a little like me chugging along helps me get my chug on.

Two Motivate
Certified Spin, Pilates, and SPX fitness trainer, runner.

Snarky, verbose, angry at times, dare I even say... feminist? Her posts are a bit scattered and stream of consciousness, but this somehow pulls me along even deeper.

Marry Me Yoga
I literally just found this blog today and I can tell it's going to be a favorite. Yoga-centric blog (duh) by an instructor who also seems to enjoy marathon-ing. Sweet and inspiring without managing to come across as cloying. This is rare.

This is of course not exhaustive of who I read (those are listed rather handily on the right side of this page-->) but these are the ones whose voices stand out to me.

What are your favorite fitness blogs?

Are there any you would recommend to me or others?

What active things did I do today?

In lieu of exercise I fought against the powers of stupidity on the intarwebs with the might of my brains and typing fingers, and also gave myself a wicked gel mani-pedi in gold and turquoise.

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