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Saturday, September 15, 2012

September Blog Challenge Day 15 (veggies) and a loving plea

What are your 5 favourite vegetables?

I quizzed a few people and we agreed that garlic probably shouldn't count as it's mostly used as an herb, and avocados are fruit even if they kind of feel more like a veggie. I still feel they need an honorable mention because man oh man can I down an astounding amount of either one.

I do love me some vegetables and generally prefer them raw or steamed.

I'd say top of the list are probably:
Artichokes - steamed with butter
Asparagus - baked with salt, oil, and shaved Parmesan
Snap peas - raw, they really were way better when I was a kid though
Carrots - raw - my parents used to joke I was going to turn orange if I didn't back off of the carrots
Spinach - my fave is how my Mom used to make it, cooked in beef broth with a large amount of sharp provolone cheese melted over the top at the end. Really though, I don't think I've met a spinach preparation I didn't like

One of my fave meals (apart from a block of cheese and some crackers) is a steamed artichoke with melted butter for dipping the leaves. People think artichokes are a pain to cook but they don't have to be.

Cut off the top of a large firm (washed) choke and a bit (or all in my case) of the stem, invert on a steamer basket over water with some added salt,  a bay leaf, a squirt of lemon and a small handful of pepper corns.

Steam on medium-ish until a knife will slide easily into the base (about 20 min), allow to cool, proceed to om nom nom. I will sometimes use olive oil to extend the butter a bit so I use a bit less, but I like to add a bit of salt if I do that.

Pic from this page, mainly because I really want to try it with that lemon-butter.

What active things did I do today?

I was hoping to do my final run of the week today but life intervened so that will be tomorrow.

Today I joined friends in honoring the memory of a wonderful woman. Every life is fragile, but some people just leave a big damn hole in the world when they go.

There are many bricks that build the path to a longer healthier life, an active lifestyle is only one aspect.

Please, pay attention to your body, check yourself for changes, and get checked.

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